Having a modern, responsive website is a great thing. If you've been wise enough to select GSL Solution's HillTop service to drive your website, then you've got the best solution in the business working for you already. However, as we all know because we are living in the amazing 21st Century, you do not just use one piece of software to accomplish all of your tasks. Rather, we assemble a best-of-breed collection of digital tools that we use to do all that we do. Wouldn't it be great if our tools could talk with each other?
So let's say that you were in charge of a building that was located in Little Rock Arkansas. There were a number of other buildings in town and you were locked in a daily struggle with all of them to attract enough renters and owners to your building in order to make sure that you had a healthy bottom line. How would you go about making this happen?
Let's face it: putting together a website is hard work. Not only that, but once it's been created, you are now on the hook to keep it up-to-date. What this means is that your list of things that you need to do just got a little bit longer. Ugg, well as long as you have to do this, it had better be worth it -- that website had better be doing its job. How can you make sure that this is happening?
If you've been even vaguely aware of what has been going on in the real world over the past few years, you know that economically speaking we've just gone through a rough patch. Every industry was hit pretty hard; however, none were hit harder than the home construction industry. The good news is that the bad days appear to now be behind us and things are looking up. If you were a company that built homes, what would you do in order to get out in front of this market as it starts to wake up once again?
The Church at Rock Creek had a problem Homeless and food insecure children in Central Arkansas were going without food and the Church wanted to help them. However, in order to help them it was going to require money which the church didn't have. Clearly some fundraising was called for. The need was great, but the Church wasn't sure how they were going to be able to get in contact with the right people who would be willing to to support their mission. What were they to do?
The team behind Representative Katherine Clark had a real challenge on their hands. The representative from the 5th District of Massachusetts is very politically active. She is deeply involved in many of the current "hot button" issues that are currently being discussed in Congress. Katherine is not afraid to take a very clear position on an issue and this, of course, generates a lot of public interest in her. When the Congresswoman makes a statement or joins a cause, that's news. Her staff needed a way to make sure that they clearly communicated all of the Congresswoman's different views.
So, exactly why do you have websites? Yes, there is a need to be able to inform the press, and other interested parties on what you are currently working on. However,it turns out that having a website that is just a one-way street is not enough -- what you really need is feedback! Asking visitors to your website to provide you with the information that you need in order to understand how they feel about various issues can be challenging because everyone is busy and nobody has time to write a book. This is why forms on websites are so important.
I think that we all understand that being a teacher is a tough job. Having the responsibility to educate a classroom of students who all come from different backgrounds with varying levels of skill is nothing if not an enormous challenge. However, is it possible that there is another job that just might be a a bit more of a challenge? It turns out that the answer to this question is yes -- being a school business official.
Bears are very big and can be quite scary if you run into them when you are out in the woods. Knowing what to do if this happens can be critical to your ability to survive. That's why there are magazines like "Bear Hunting." Recently, the Bear Hunting team decided that they needed a new web site that would bring them more magazine subscribers. After an extensive search, they chose GSL Solutions to provide the interactive, responsive website that they were looking for.